Pro Paid Accounts

Pro Paid Accounts


There are many benefits to a Pro account. Unlike the free accounts that have a limited number of available scenarios and are rate-limited, the Pro accounts offer the following features:

  • Access to all scenarios , including the harder, more complex ones that are more suitable for interviews.
  • Unlimited tries of all scenarios – including already solved scenarios – unlike free accounts that cannot retry solved scenarios multiple times.
  • Unlimited number of scenarios per day, there’s no rate-limiting for Pro accounts.
  • Double the time to complete scenarios. All scenario VMs have twice the time to be solved before being automatically terminated.
  • Direct SSH access to VMs. Scenario servers in Pro accounts can be accessed directly by SSH. Users can upload their public SSH key to their dashboard or they can use a one-time private key they can download from the running scenario page. This allows users to use their own SSH terminal rather than using the terminal-to-web interface.
  • VMs with Internet access. This allows users to install their own tooling for example. Additionally, some scenarios may require Internet access to be solved.
  • Achievements Page. You can add your name or alias in your dashboard and display (or hide) a public page with your SadServers achievements (a sort of certificate in troubleshooting skills), for example:
  • Ranking Page. Feature your name or alias in the Ranking page.
  • Email support. Quick email support for technical or scenario issues.

Subscriptions & Cancellations

  • Payment is required upon sign-up and the Pro advantages are available immediately.
  • You can cancel at any time; this means the subscription won’t be renewed and you won’t be charged again for it. You still have the Pro benefits until the end of the billing cycle.
  • Cancelling takes only three “clicks”: from your dashboard click on “Manage billing”, then at the Stripe screen click “Cancel Plan” and confirm.
  • Annual subscriptions that are cancelled after two months can request a refund for the remaining pro-rated time in the subscription.